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Things To Consider For Success While  Working From Home

====An important note to begin with – by Aja McClanahan on October 6, 2016====

According to, more Americans are working from home than ever. It’s estimated that 37% of Americans (up from 9% in 1995) have traded their commute for a home office at some point in their working career. For many, working from home is an ideal arrangement, while for others, it can be a double-edged sword, making productivity difficult at best and downright elusive at worst.

Working from home can be some what of a struggle, but there are a few things to consider which will contribute to your success.

Don’t Procrastinate

Without doubt, procrastination can be first and foremost thing to overcome if you really want to be successful at what ever your are trying to accomplish. Whether it’s a career change or an idea start working from home, procrastination will kill the odds for success every time. Identify what your interest

are and make the decision to begin. Do your research and have a good understanding of what it will take to be successful and establish the start date. Tell your significant other, boy/girl friend or someone who will hold you accountable that you have made the decision and when you are going to start.

Know what you financial situation is and how much time it will take to get into profit. Setting goals are great, but knowing the figures will help keeping you focused.  Having someone to be accountable to will also help with focus…yes?

Dedicated Workspace

I realize that sounds obvious, but still noteworthy, considering today’s mobile technology which allows people to conduct business from just about anywhere. Writing a rather lengthy work-related email on your mobile devise while laying in bed may seem convenient, but if you have ever done that, you probably already understand there should be a separation with personal space from your workspace. Yes? No?

You should at least consider taking a small corner of a room or offset area where your work space will be separate from your personal life.

You Must Avoid Being Sedentary

Long hours of sitting is almost inevitable when you are working from home. Long periods of sitting can create posture problems which can become increasingly more painful over time. This can be avoided by incorporating a ergonomic chair and desk designed to support good and healthy posturing options. Understanding how to reduce the long-term impact on your body from sitting over long periods of time is important. Ergonomic equipment and helpful exercises are really important things to consider with creating success while working from home.

Time Management Options to Explore

Staying focused can be challenging sometimes unless you dedicate a specific period of time to take care of the business you are involved with.

Dedicate time lock to answering and responding to emails, writing, making phone calls, etc.

You can maximize productivity by experimenting with different techniques. Try to stay away from multitasking because scientific studies and proved that people who multitask just aren’t as productive.

Schedule A Time To Take A Break

Scheduling time for working is important, and scheduling a time to take a break is just as important. Plan to give yourself both a physical and mental break during those long periods of work time. While productivity is your goal, alleviating some of the stress associated with extended periods of concentration should also be a priority for your success.

Studies have shown that productivity declines due to working through break time. You may get the job done by working through the times for a break, but the quality may be compromised some what as a result.


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