Fad diets: Do they really work?

The simple answer to do Fad diets really work is quite simple. Fad diets are simply not natural in so many ways. They encourage rapid weight loss promising the loss (usually within a 10 to 30 day period). They involve unsafe and unrealistic methods, often exclude physical activity in the program.


Physical activity is essential in the process of weight loss. In almost all cases, the weight is gained right back after the diet ends. Why. You ask?  Because people return to their old eating habits and lifestyle. You should be cautious of diets that recommend a certain particular nutrient or combination of foods to encourage fast weight lost.


However, Fad Diets Are Popular


However, fad diets are popular and promoted often because many of them do work, but only for a short period of time. Most people prefer the quick fix of a fad diet instead of making the right decision to lose weight over a safer period of time by making some changes in their eating and exercise habits.


In many such cases, weight loss is due to removal of certain types of food or whole food groups or focus mainly on one food in particular.


All fad diets restrict food consumption to some degree, which means fewer calories are consumed than normally. More than likely, much of the weight you lose realized comes from the loss of water and lean muscle, and not a reduction in body fat.


This is because your body is reacting to the starvation process, and your body will start working in order to keep up with the energy needs. If fats are not burned and is avoided in the diet, the body will simply preserve the fat that is has stored. If this condition persists, stored fats in the body will be burned and the person will start experiencing weakness and will not be able to perform his/her normal duties. That is because it requires more effort and time for body to produce energy from fat rather than from muscle.


Also, keeping up with the demands of a diet that strictly limits their food choices or requires them to eat the same foods over and over make it difficult for most people to follow. People who use fad diets usually end up gaining back any weight that they initially lost.


The first step to realize in losing weight safely and permanently is to understand that there is no magic formula or quick fix to permanent weight lost. Lifestyle changes need be made that considers healthy eating (food containing the appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats), along with consistent exercise and eating foods that are not conducive to weight lost moderately.


A proven way to losing weight can be effectively obtain with the increase in protein, dietary fiber and a moderate commitment of 7 minutes a day, 3 times a week. I have a Now Lifestyle whey protein shake of 40 mg of protein (chocolate…because I love chocolate), twice a day and I take 3-4 capsules of Now Lifestyle Eliminate Natural Fiber 3-3 times a day. That has helped me lose 15 lbs. in about 2 -3 weeks and maintain that without completely changing my food intake. WOW!


Setting up a free account was the best decision I made. And you can too…http://www.freenowlifestyle.com. It comes with training videos and exercise training videos…and of course the Now Lifestyle Product Suite for their all-natural products.


I hope his helps and if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below.


Maurice P Smith, Jr.

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