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Maurice P. Smith

So who is this Maurice dude?

I’m a messenger of business ideas centered around health and nutrition by day, aspiring entrepreneur by night, and this is my blog. I live in Staunton, Va., married to my lovely wife Kay, and have a black cat named Bear! kay, reese, tuck, ceceOh, and a white cat named Teddy…get it? …Teddy Bear?

I like piña coladas, cold beer (And gettin’ caught in the rain…which isn’t all that bad. But I hate getting my socks wet.)

teddy&bearTuck, Reese, and Cece on her lap are no longer with us. That was tough loosing our pooches, but now we have two cool cats named Teddy and Bear…get it? TeddyBear? Teddy and Bear have absolutely taken the house over!

Now lets get serious a bit…not too much…but a start!

I came from a military background, my father 22 years in Air Force and myself serving 2 years in the Army.  Getting back from being a “military brat” and service member,I found that after working for someone else was not where I wanted to be.

So I decided that owning my own business would be a better choice. I walked into a small “mom-pop” grocery store and asked the elderly lady behind the meat counter if she would be interested in selling the store. Well…I bought that small grocery store (Woodlee Market) in 1975.

Seafood Leads to Health and Nutrition


Seafood Market

Woodlee Market was actually built in 1936, and was THE place to buy quality meats and produce. Later I started bringing seafood into the operation and that became the main attraction, now known as Maurice’s Seafood Market

As I said previously, I’m interested in the health and nutrition industry. Having owned a retail seafood business for some time now, has led me to research the health concerns with our seafood, home products we all use everyday along with the very water we drink.

Staying healthy while developing a secondary income from home has worked out pretty good…and, I would like to empower, inspire and help others achieve both financial freedom and live a healthier more productive life…

if you will let me!

Working online for a number of years has been quite a learning experience. I’ve tried a lot of different programs and had some success. The learning experience has been a good thing…much like getting a college education. I am now working on my degree in Online Affiliate Marketing.

Another business mentor that I’ve been working with, Stephen Munson created something that is worth mentioning here and you can find out what Discover Heal is all about.

After 3 months analyzing what would be the best approach to helping people get stated without risk or hassle, Stephen came up with a bullet-proof plan. The plan has just 7 Simple Steps which I will cover more in depth under the Heal-7 Simple Steps header.

Healthy Products for Home and Personal Nutrition

Finding safe products for the home and personal use can be a real challenge in a time where new companies with new so-call “science based” products are introduced by the hundreds. All claiming to be “most doctor commended’ product on the market is one of the most interesting catch line I’ve seen. I don’t know about you, but that makes me wonder why they would find it so necessary to include such a claim without presenting the research to back up the claim.

If you haven’t noticed by now, all the ads on TV have become a test market for the pharmaceutical companies who have the BEST product for one of the popular health problems that we are experiencing. Reacting to these ads and then “asking your doctor if this is right for you”, has been very profitable for the industry…. but probably not helped much with curing the problem.

Being proactive rather that reactive is a decision I made many years ago during my search for safe, effective and affordable products for the home and personal use. Fortunately I didn’t quit after a few let-downs that usually ending up being a network marketing company that was promoting the latest and greatest product.on the market today.

They pretty much always had a large start-up cost and a monthly auto-ship requirement for a product or products that I wouldn’t normally purchase. One day a customer at my store asked if I had every heard of the company she bought her consumables and personal care products from; which I had not. I agreed to meet with her and check out the company and that was the best decision I’ve every made.

With over 40 years in business, A+ rating with BBB, 400+ products (most of which I would normally buy each month), 1 million plus customers that shop every month (96% re-order rate), and they manufacture and deliver their own products, made so much sense that I too became a customer.

I would recommend this company to any one, who simple wanted to simply switch stores for better products at affordable prices and have it shipped right to the door. That’s a savings of time and money that anyone can enjoy.

I am Maurice P. Smith, Jr. and I’m sticking to my story!

Let’s connect and discuss the possibilities…deal?


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