A Home Business That Makes Sense

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A Home Business That Makes Sense

Having a credible proven track record was an absolute must for me...Startup companies and ground-floor opportunities are a real turn off for me. It requires years of working hard to build any sort of part-time income stream, and most startups are out of business before their very first anniversary date.

What I want to show you is a BILLION dollar company who has been around since 1985, has a proven track record, and are continually growing in annual sales.

I was looking for a bushiness that could reward me for my efforts with real profits… The company I will tell you about pays its customers for simply recommending their products, thereby saving millions in advertising and distribution costs. I call call this, “referral based distribution”. For simply recommending someone to set up their account with our company and they do that, as a reward for your effort the company sends you a monthly check for those referrals. Pretty cool huh?

They can be people you know or they can be in other places in the world, such as Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Singapore, places we do business in.

If you would chose to to refer more new clients/customers, as I did, then your monthly income would be larger. So having said that, the company pays out an additional percentage of its monthly income to those who elect to build a business. That’s what I’m talking about!

I wanted “REAL PRODUCTS”…unique, consumable products that people actually use all the time.…I’ve seen some businesses where customers bought only one time and never returned. Maybe you have too.Our company has a very high reorder rate, the last I saw was around 96%, which is amazingly good. That was a major factor in my decision to build. The products are a great value for the customers.

Even with shipping, handling and taxes, the products were less expensive that most pharmacies and department stores. So how about the bushiness side of this? How about things like start up cost? Do people have to order monthly? What about people dropping out…how many?

Facts: Our company has a very low startup cost which comes with money back guarantee. With a very high reorder rate, customers order products that they already use in there home…which means that they are just “simply switching stores”…. and get paid for doing it!

I wanted a business I could work from home and have the support ready as I needed it… building a worldwide business from home with my computer and an internet connection, was what I was looking for as well as millions of stay-at-home moms and dads are as well. They only need someone to show it to them!!

So if you want to work with a team of professionals who have already helped thousands launch their own business. Consider the marketing system that is already for you and your team, such as online presentations, marketing web sites like this one

…Not to mentions the fact that this is a risk-free opportunity that has some pretty awesome tax advantages. 

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Now the ball is in your court…let’s connect and talk about what you are looking for and how this may just be what you too are looking for. Deal?

To you massive success in 2020!


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