Making Money In The Health and Wellness Industry

Making Money In The Health and Wellness Industry

Staying healthy while developing a secondary income from home has worked out pretty good…and, I would like to empower, inspire, and help others achieve both financial freedoms and live a healthier more productive life…

if you will let me!

Working online for a number of years has been quite a learning experience. I’ve tried a lot of different programs and had some success. The learning experience has been a good thing…much like getting a college education and getting a degree in Online Marketing and Ways to Make Money Online!

What You’ll Find – Businesses That Work From Home

So what you will find here are some ideas, experiences, and recommendations.  I’ve worked with a number of companies with health and wellness products. Some were Network MarketingMLM and a couple were  Consumer Direct Marketing which makes more sense to me… Smart Biz Moms is a great example of a group of moms and dads that have teamed up together with a common goal to simply show the people that simply switching stores can be a way to create some additional income while getting better products at savings over store brands. It works like the Amazon business.

The company pays its members for referring people to their products and services.

The concept is simple and the rewards can be whatever you want it to be. Join our team of professionals who have been making money from home. Check out the Smart Biz Today and give me a jungle with any questions you may have. And …of course, register the FREE download of my eBook – “6 Concepts to a Successful Home-Based Business”.

I really look forward to talking with you. 

Tools Of The Trade 

I have discovered a couple of GOOD Tools to add to your arsenal to help realize a steady income from home. It really depends on what you choose to do and how you approach marketing your idea.

We’ll get into that a little later.

Time…Was What I Didn’t Have A Lot Of

If you are like me and TIME is an issue, there are some common-sense approaches to online marketing that may work very nicely with your situation. If you are familiar with Network Marketing and have developed some skills to find and recruit other like-minded people…GREAT…there is a place for you!

If you would rather avoid that type of industry, have the availability of some cost-effective, safe products that you already spend money on, and still have the option to share revenue with the company…there is a model designed for you.

Marketing Without Recruiting – MLM – Network Marketing


The Right Opportunity to come through the door!

Don’t let yourself get caught up with the idea that network marketing/MLM is a pyramid scheme or one of those sort of things to run from….That’s totally false and usually only an excuse not to do something….period!

And…a lot of people just lack the willingness to learn HOW to be successful. They are just not teachable and refuse to accept proven strategies that work.

Some people will want to wait for that “Right Opportunity“, “Ground Floor Opportunity” to come along.

I would suggest finding a successful company that’s been around for a while, with a success record to back up the opportunity. It will still require some training and WORK!

So, Just What Am I Doing?

As I have said, I’m serious about Health and Nutrition and have come to realize that most people haven’t a clue as to how the body functions and what it requires to maintain good health. I have lost a good many friends and customers over the years to generative diseases that seem to be running crazy here in the US. I will get to that somewhere else on this website.

But for now, here’s something to do…

>>Simply Switch Stores and Get Paid!!

Joining The New Customer Club who are part of the 1.2 million people who have simply made a shopping decision to buy better, safer products that are less expensive than the normal store brands. Doing so, removed those toxic chemicals from the home that are causing most of the health problems we face today.

I have found that a Referral Based Distribution type of opportunity is sensible and allows you to share revenue with the company just by sharing ideas around the products and services online. We are the Largest Online Wellness Shopping Club in America today.

My interest in the Health and Wellness Industry will always be a priority. Marketing in the Health and Wellness Industry today, just makes to much sense. Good health comes to those who actively pursue it.

Join Me – Marketing From Home

So, join me in marketing the links to better Health and Wealth! You have nothing to lose!

Schedule a one-on-one online presentation >>>Smart Biz Today Webcast

Check out>> Is Your Home A Healthy Home while you are here…so you’ll begin to understand the WHY behind my choices and hopefully, we’ll have a chance to connect.