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  • Sei Bella University which is if the shoe fits, a line of quality cosmetics and hair care products that are produced from better technologies, better results and better prices, compared to Lancome, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder, and others.
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  • Peak Performance for Total Health – Melaleuca commissioned the Freiburg Study to determine the effects of taking our Peak Performance Pack. Our supplements are design for Full Body Health and have an 85% absorption rate. Compared to the off the shelf brands which is about 10% or less, this proves the value of the product.
  • Is Your Home A Healthy Home? – Get your FREE report and identify potentially hazardous products in your home.
  • Pure Essential Oils– Our Essential Oils are the concentrated form of oils found naturally in flowers, leaves bark, stems, seeds and other parts of plants, maintaining the characteristic fragrance, or essence of that plant.