myEcon – A Review

MyEcon – A Review of The Company

Note: A review of the myEcon company can be checked out the site here and click on About Us, Products, Opportunity Video and of course contact me with any questions you may have. If you choose to enroll, and I hope you do, you will be taken to another setup page page for both myEcon and Income Shift Pro.

I was introduced to the business opportunity in February of 2019, and being involved with a couple of home based businesses I really wanted to first check out the company, the products they offered and the marketing techniques they offered.

I wanted to make sure the company was going to be around for a long time and not gone in 2-3 years.From what I’ve seen about the company, I am very impressed and confident that this is a real deal for anyone looking to improve their financial situation. I’ve owned my on brick and motor business for 40+ years, and looking forward to retirement and and income to support my family.

To Begin with…

The startup fee for myEcon is just a small one time investment of $49.95 and $34.95/mo after that. That told me that it wasn’t your topical product centered distributor program where you had to bay hundred of dollars and commit to a monthly auto-ship. Been there and done that…!!!

It also showed me it was appealing to the masses and could be duplicated easily. That’s a big plus! If you decide to build a business, which is optional, you could earn commissions for your new referrals. From those referrals, you can receive direct deposits weekly, plus residual income as a result of simply referring people to your Econ link. (This is my link…by the way)

3 Core Strategies Offered

MyEcon centered around 3 core strategies which can help many Americans to become more financially stable and successful So may American today are living pay check to pay check and have very little opportunity to prepared for the years to come…entering into retirement for example.

  1. Minimize Taxes – Most people who have a job have too much money being withheld from the paycheck, MyEcon offers some education on how to properly set up your W-4 withholding and have some additional money to invest of pay down debt or in this case build a secondary stream of income.
  2. Create an Additional Stream of Income – MyEcon has their own marketing system to help people build an additional income stream. This includes your personalized website, marketing techniques, training and support. Using the marketing system, associates have the ability to earn commissions on each of the referrals that decide to sign up through their link and the personally spoored team members as well.
  3. Asset Accumulation Education – MyEcon associates also learn how to make their money work for them, and how to accumulate assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, 401Ks and annuities.

That’s NOT all – Products and Services

  • ID Defender – identity monitoring service advanced
  • Smart Credit Repair – using this information will improve credit, eliminate debt and consequently increase cash flow for the associate
  • Book Travel – discounted prices for flights, hotels and cruises can be easily booked

Cash back Mall, roadside assistance, health and nutritional product are other services available for the associate…WOW!

For only a small investment of $49.95 and $34.95/mo you have got to see the value this cares…just imagine the income potential you’d have with myEcon!!  Why not give it a shot. I’d love to work with you! Start Here TODAY!

Note: this post contains affiliate links. Please review my disclosure or more info.  My goal is to focus on value with this website as well as being compensated for recommending products that I use and have had success with. 

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