MyEcon – Income Shift Pro Marketing System

myEcon – Income Shift Pro Marketing System

MyEcon and Income Shift Pro Marketing System together will provide amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to have a better chance at financial freedom. MyEcon is a privately held, debt free company in Gwinnett County, Ga. MyEcon, short for “my Economy” was created by a small group of entrepreneurs in 2005 and currently has in access of 50,000 independent marketing associates…one of which I.m included!

Income shift Pro marketing system is a complete, easy to use marketing system designed for marketing myEcon and Income shift Pro, This system really helps to simply automate the process for marketing myEcon and provides training and support for their associates.

Income Shift Pro Marketing system – What About the Automation?

….It’s really very simple…

Instead of spending hours trying to explain how myEcon works, associates can simply use their Income shift Pro link and just let the system do all the heavy lifting and selling for them. When the lead lands on the affiliate link (landing page) and provides their email address, they are then taken to a sales page with a video that explains what Income Shift Pro and myEcon are about. The presentation is around 25 minutes long and very helpful.

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After they watch the video, they are then taken to a video with step-by-step instructions of how to get started with myEcon and also Income Shift Pro for the marketing system.>>BELOW

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What Does The Income Shift Pro Marketing System Provide?

Aside from having access to top leaders marketing training: The marketing tools also include: pre-made email sequences the will be sent to your leads automatically, plus…

  • Email Autoresponder
  • Email Blast – send emails out special emails to your team
  • SMS Autoresponder – your pre-written text messages – american are extremely mobile today…yes
  • SMS Blast – Text messages from your phone to notify of webinars/meetings or private messages
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Statistics – Views, Unique views, Opt-ins on your sales/landing pages
  • Link Rotator – helping people get started out of the gate

An Effective Marketing System Plus Affiliate Program

Income Shift Pro, in addition offers its members an affiliate program that is tops in the industry. When a person joins through you affiliate link, you receive a $5 commission per person each month the are active. That’s an addition income stream for you each month.

So Why Not Consider myEcon Seriously NOW!

If you would like to know more or get started go here>>> myEcon Business Opportunity, you can check my Econ review here to find out more about the company and why I became involved HERE!

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